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Epsom Salt & Your Body

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Did you know that Epsom salt, the go-to remedy known to cure much that ails, is in fact, NOT really salt in the terms of traditional table salt like most of us think? It’s true- this naturally occurring mineral is actually a compound of magnesium and sulfate, as opposed to table salt, which is made up of sodium chloride.

Still, these tiny, crystalized granules of wonder have benefits for your body that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and smooth to the touch! Read on as we breakdown the natural powers of Epsom salt- the very thing that gives our Float Rooms their buoyancy and skin-soothing treatment.

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Floating Towards Employee Health and Happiness

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For every business, one of the most crucial aspects of operations is hiring a successful, hard working and motivated team, to keep your business moving and aligned in the direction you envision. While, that is a complicated process, often times the benefits of having the right people in place, far outweigh the stress of implementing your personnel. However, with workplace stress at an almost record high throughout the United States, the overall employee standards of health and happiness are diminishing- grossly effecting the productivity of the workplace.
So how should you, as an employer, ensure the overall wellbeing of your employees?

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Float Therapy & Sports Recovery

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Years ago, when athletes finished a rigorous event or activity, you would head straight to a hot tub or ice bath, to heal your aches and pains.  However, today’s athletes are turning to a revolutionary therapy that is changing the way you can repair, from the inside out.

Amazing research is proving time and time again, that the continuous use of float tanks does more than just heal an aching back or sore muscle.  Instead, the endless benefits are not only in healing faster but creating a better, stronger overall athlete, as well.  With his 5th Superbowl win, we have a feeling that long time floater, Tom Brady, will be reaping the benefits of floatation therapy during his well deserved off season.  Brady, the well known star quarterback for the New England Patriots- a team that installed float tanks in their facilities in 2014– is leading the way for other athletes to test the proverbial waters. Certainly, if it’s good enough for the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) to float, then we think you will want to learn more, too.

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5 Ways Floating Can Help Diminish Anxiety

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Did you know that over 40 million Americans suffer from the same psychiatric condition, often leaving them paralyzed with fear, panic or obsession?  Yes, in fact anxiety is the most common of all conditions, twice that of depression, and something that has quickly become an epidemic in the 21st century.

The term “anxiety” can be used to describe a number of different things such as: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), social anxiety or even panic disorder.  And while each may result in a slightly different outcome, the fact remains that these disorders are debilitating and life altering, many times interfering with the opportunities and experiences with loved ones.

So how does floating come into play?  While float therapy is gaining traction amongst former skeptics, the science behind floating has long supported the amazing benefits produced by a relaxing float.

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5 Ways “Anti-Gravity” Floating Helps Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself high above the clouds, weightlessly floating with nothing but the thoughts in your head and a calm over your body.  Though such a pleasurable and carefree experience may seem out of reach, others would argue that it is the exact feeling experienced by a visit to a float room.

Yes, in fact, many float rooms are popping up all of the country, providing people of all ages, the transcendental opportunity to experience the benefits of anti-gravity floating.  But while some of the advantages may be obvious, clients at iSoFloat, are beginning to realize there are unexpected benefits, both physically and mentally.

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5 Reasons to Try an Overnight Float

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Stress reduction, energy rejuvenation, and relief of intense body pain are just some of the reasons people are truly beginning to jump on board the floatation therapy train.  Across the world, a practice that actually started in the 1950’s, is getting attention from everyone from millennials looking for new ways of meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD to every day clients in need of pain relief.

Clients are especially taking advantage of the overnight floats offered by iSofloat for longer acclimation times and extended relief.  But for those looking to slip into a deep, trance-like state of bliss, some questions may arise when thinking of sleeping- without sinking!  For those considering overnight floating at iSofloat to catch a few revitalizing Z’s, read on for our 5 reasons to try an overnight float.


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Fed & Fit Podcast: Benefits of Floating with iSofloat

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Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. Today is a very special episode because we are going to get a little geeky, a little sciencey. I know that there are some listeners here who have told me that they love those kinds of episodes and we’re going to do it today in the vein of the important piece of all health and wellness lifestyle and healthy pursuits, a huge part of that is rest and recovery and that’s what we’re going to focus on today, specifically one method. To join us on today’s call is Sloane Wendell. She’s an expert and the owner actually of the first float therapy spa in San Antonio, Texas which is actually where I’m from but things that we’re going to talk about today definitely apply in a worldly perspective.


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iSofloat Press Release

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Specializing in Restrictive Environmental Stimuli Therapy (REST) is Open for Business



Ready to heal San Antonio with the most powerful therapy available.

San Antonio, Texas, November 7, 2016 ( – iSofloat is a specialized float therapy center that focuses on Restrictive Environmental Stimuli Therapy (REST), also known as “floating”.  Floating is a tool for pain relief, wellness and relaxation and it comes with many benefits.  Float therapy allows our bodies to better equip themselves to deal with the stress and tension of living in today’s fast paced world.

I am so thankful that I got the chance to experience floating at iSofloat. This was one of the first time in years that I experienced true relaxation and my mind has been so clear ever since. If you’ve never tried floating and have high anxiety, problems sleeping or PTSD then please give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.


REST/Float Therapy has a direct effect on the hypothalamus by allowing our bodies while floating to achieve a level of physical relaxation and healing that is not possible in any other environment and our bodies go into a state that is more relaxed and deeper than sleeping.

The facilities at iSofloat are beautiful and top notch, creating a calming atmosphere that amplifies the floating experience for their clients.  This includes wonder massage chairs, natural lavender bath products, spa robes and towels to wrap you in luxury.

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Float Therapy – A treatment for PTSD

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PTSD is increasing at an alarming rate amongst active duty servicemen and women, veterans and non-veterans alike. In time,  PTSD may lead to multiple prescribed medications, a disconnect from family and friends, and an increased rate of suicide.

Now there is an alternative treatment for these individuals that are suffering from PTSD, called Float Therapy. Float Therapy, as the name hints at, promotes relaxation through a feeling of weightlessness, achieved simply by mixing water and Epsom salt.

More and more PTSD suffers are believing in the power of float therapy.  Floating tamps down anxiety in the brain in a way that rivals some prescription drugs and meditation.  Commonly prescribed, Ativan, shuts down the amygdala.  Post-float brain wave studies show that the amygdala shuts down post-float as efficiently as Ativan,

More commonly known as sensory deprivation, float therapy consists of clients entering a float room filled with 200 gallons of water, and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt, allowing the body to float on top of the water without any effort. Floaters then have the ability to turn off lights, and sounds, providing them a nearly 100 percent stimuli-free environment.

It’s like a reset button for your brain. If you think of your brain as a computer, you have all these apps that are going to the hard drive, and you’re letting it all reboot.

The lack of stimuli allows the brain to confront images or memories they have previously suppressed.

When individuals with PTSD get into the float room and get to that point of relaxation, they can address the memories and trauma in a calm environment where there’s nothing else there that could hurt them.  PTSD suffers feel relaxed in the tank. They feel like it’s secure, and they’re safe, and they can approach the traumatic events in more of an internal counseling session with themselves.

The float industry is seeing individuals sleep through the night after float therapy sessions and weaning themselves off of medications with the guidance of their physicians.

PTSD suffers are finding float therapy to be far superior to other traditional routes, [such as] varying types of drug regiments—one way or another they just temporarily overpower your brain and cause some form of blurred reality—and explaining your situation over and over again to multiple specialists as each one gets to know you and your situation, which caused me recurring internal anxiety and agitation.  PTS suffers find the float rooms, to be the absolute serenity and calmness is entirely therapeutic.  Pains and stresses are automatically lifted away without me having to say a word to anyone… or take any new pill.

Float Therapy for PTSD suffers results in the following:

  • Deep Relaxation, a loss of the immediate sense of anxiety while in the tank.
  • A loss of sense and time, which in turn removes the immediate sense of depression.  There are no outside influences to “worry” about while in the float room.
  • A feeling of well-being, following the float, similar to relaxation effects of anti-anxiety medications.
  • Reduction of “hyper-vigilance,” There is a period of acceptance and lack of paranoia, a “regular” approach to the outside stimuli
  • Consistent better and easier, more restful sleep, the floats have been reported to have the ability to remove nightmares associated with PTSD symptoms.  Many report that the sleep post-float is better than any drugs they have been prescribed for sleep.